AutoWiz Telematics Platform for Insurance

AutoWiz Platform has been developed from grounds up to support Telematics use cases, including real time querying, event handling and analytics on large historical data. Telematics powered Usage Based Insurance (UBI) offers several benefits for early adopting Vehicle Insurers.

Self -select attractive customer segments

Attract safety conscious customers

Risk based pricing

Gather data to correlate various driving parameters to claims

Automatic Crash Detection

Understand events that occurred before, during and after accident

Analytics Dashboards for Insurers

Customizable dashboards and reports to analyse driving persona

Model Usage Based Insurance

Supports UBI Business Models - PAYD, PHYD & MHYD

AutoWiz Driver Scoring Model

Driving score to enhance driver's safety performance

Insurance Telematics Platform features

Model Usage Based Insurance

For an Insurance company, AutoWiz Platform enables you to easily support various UBI models including Pay-as-you drive (PAYD), Pay-how-you-drive (PHYD) and Manage how you Drive (MHYD).

Platform enables analyzing telematics data based on variety of modeling parameters including:

  • Total driving distance
  • Total driving time
  • Safe Driving Profile
  • Day vs Night driving
  • City vs Highway driving
  • Rash driving instances
  • Fatigue driving
  • Route Familiarity
  • Journey Length

AutoWiz gps car tracker Application with driving behavior alerts screen

Anti theft alarm setting in AutoWiz gps car tracker Application

AutoWiz Driver Scoring Model

AutoWiz Driver Safety Score captures Driver's performance on safety. Score is comparable across trips for a driver to monitor change in driving behavior. It is also comparable across drivers to rank driver performance.

Score take into account real telematics big data. As opposed to dealing with only summarized statistics, AutoWiz classifies each time instance of driving, by taking into account how driving behavior impacts key telekinetic metrics such as speeding, hard acceleration, sudden braking and fast cornering. Also, the score takes into account Driving Context such as highway vs city like driving conditions.

Automatic Crash Detection

AutoWiz offers automatic detection of accident and direction of impact. Solution uses built-in accelerometer, gyroscope in telematics devices and Platform based analytics to detect accident, its severity and direction of impact.

Accident information is sent in real time to Insurer which can be used for providing emergency assistance service and enabling mobile based FNOL.

Detailed Accident scene reconstruction report for Insurer to understand events that occurred before, during and after accident


Anti theft alarm setting in AutoWiz gps car tracker Application

Analytics Dashboards for Insurers

AutoWiz cloud based customizable dashboards and analytical reports for Insurers enable underwriting and information management teams to easily visualize aggregated data to decipher trends and segment customers based on their risk profile.

In addition to performing aggregate analytics, dashboard allows one to drill down to individual customer level data to see and understand driving persona.

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