AutoWiz Route Planning, Optimization and Analytics

AutoWiz Route Planning and Optimization Solution enables companies to efficiently plan and execute their field operations. Applicable for a variety of use cases across Logistics, Retail, Distribution, Last mile delivery, Employee Transport and Sales/Service Field Force Management, our smart technology helps in optimizing resource utilization, save cost and improve customer satisfaction. Combined with AutoWiz Fleet Tracking solution, companies get a full 360 degree to plan, monitor and optimize activities of their fleet and field force.

Efficiently Plan Optimal Routes

Automatically generate schedules and routes optimized for Resources (Vehicles/Field Team), Cost, Travel Distance

Create Schedule for Drivers

Send Route Plan to drivers compatible with Google Maps

Analyze Performance and Trends

Monitor adherence to schedule, resources utilization, operational cost

Handles Real life constraints

Set constraints on Vehicle capacities, Customer time windows, Field force Working hours

Track using AutoWiz Fleet Management

See where your vehicles and drivers are at real time

Increase Operational Efficiency

Save cost and coordination time, improve customer satisfaction

Key Use Cases

Last Mile Logistics

Efficiently manage your fleet of vehicles and personnel for last mile logistics, distribution or courier type operations. Automatically create optimal routes to pick-up/drop goods while adhering to each customer's preferred time window. Contact us to get a Demo.

Optimize schedules for number of vehicles, distance/travel time

Handle Vehicle capacity, Different Vehicle start/end points

Create schedule as per customer preferred time window constraints

Reduction of “Empty Miles” and “Empty Times”

Enhanced customers’ experience by providing more flexibility 

Last Mile Logistics

Connected Workshop Solutions

Field Force Operations Management

Efficiently manage your field force such as sales or service team. Automatically create optimal schedules and routes to visit customer locations while adhering to each customer's preferred time window and field team member work hours. Contact us to get a Demo.

Optimize schedules for the field force team size, distance/travel time

Create schedule as per customer preferred time slots

Account for different service time at each location

Allow for field persons starting from different locations and work timings

Reduction of “Empty Miles” and “Empty Times”

Versatile Model Support

AutoWiz Route Planning supports multiple type of constraints to optimize for variety of real life operational scenarios including Last Mile Delivery, Courier Operations, Employee Transport and Field Force Operations

Mix and Match multiple constraints as per your operational model including:

Vehicle Capacities, Different Vehicle Start-End Locations and Maximum travel time/distance for each vehicle

Customer Preferred Time Windows; mix of Pick Up and Delivery Tasks and Quantities

Loading/Unloading time and Servicing time at Customer locations

Route Plan Models

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