AutoBeacon: App for Safe Driving

AutoBeacon Smartphone App Based Safe Driving Behavior Monitoring and Coaching Solution

App-Driven Technology for Enhancing Road Safety Among Employees

Device-less, cost-effective, easy-to-use solution for monitoring employees' unsafe driving behaviors and coaching them for safe driving.

AutoBeacon for Usage Based Insurance

Reduce Road Accident

By monitoring unsafe driving behaviors and providing personalized coaching

Fast time to market with Mobile Telematics SDK

Reduce Organization Cost

By reducing the impact on employees' workdays and productivity losses

In App Telematics Data Processing

Reduce Carbon Footprint

By lowering fuel consumption through improved driving economy

Smartphone Sensor Fusion

Stand Unique

By fostering a safety-oriented culture throughout the organization

Key Features

Personalized Guide for Safe Driving

  • Safe driving scores on various parameters like overspeed, sudden acceleration, sudden brake, fast cornering, distracted driving.

  • Location, time, and magnitude of risky driving incidences on the Map.

  • Automatic distribution of personalized content advocating safe driving, encompassing blogs, videos, and infographics.

  • Can be used for both 4-wheelers and 2-wheelers.

Safe Driving Score and Personalized Guide for Safe Driving
AutoBeacon App is User Friendly and Privacy Compliant

User Friendly and Privacy Compliant

  • In-app onboarding process guided with videos and links to settings screens.

  • Runs in the background, eliminating the need to open the app while driving.

  • Optimized for low battery consumption.

  • Admin can not see location data, ensuring user privacy is preserved.

Enhance Employee Safety

  • View the safe driving score(s) across the organization or for a specific department/ employee.

  • Automatically report crash, provide emergency assistance.

  • Trend reports showcasing the enhancement of safe driving scores for individual users, groups, or throughout the organization.

  • Automatic detection of users who have logged out, uninstalled apps, or revoked permissions.

Admin Dashboard for Employee Safety
Foster Safety Culture in the Organization

Increase Engagement: Foster Safety Culture

  • Encourage Safe Driving among the employees using Gamified Leaderboards and Digital Badges based on their Driving Behaviour.

  • Personalized safety awareness content to employees.

  • Real-time voice alert for unsafe driving incidents.

Trip Classification
Exclude Irrelevant Journeys

  • The app can detect a connection with the vehicle’s designated BT head unit to automatically infer presence in the user’s own vehicle.

  • Our AI engine learns and predicts User role (Driver/passenger) and Vehicle mode based on past drives.

  • User can confirm user role, vehicle mode and work vs personal tag for each trip.

  • Option to designate trips as either "Work" or "Personal".

Automatic Tagging of the Trips
Foster Safety Culture in the Organization

Eco Driving: Optimize Fuel Expenses

  • Eco Driving Score for every trip.

  • Identify the major causes of non-economical driving like non-optimal speed, uneven driving, frequent sudden brake, sudden acceleration, frequent start and stop.

Crash Reporting
Expedite Emergency Assistance

  • Automatically detect and report crashes with location and time details.

  • User can add an emergency contact number, enabling the sending of an SMS in the event of a crash.

Automatic Crash Detection and emergency assistance
Automatic Crash Detection and emergency assistance
AutoBeacon Mobile Telematics SDK for quick time to market

    Mobile SDK and Embeddable App
    Quick Integration with Employee App

  • Leverage our AutoBeacon Mobile SDK and APIs to incorporate our core data processing library inside your employee App. Our field-proven SDKs enable quick integration into your native Android, native iOS or Flutter App.

  • Alternatively, launch even faster with our Embeddable Telematics App inside your App (on Android and iOS). Embeddable Telematics App is our SDK along with User Interface pre-built for driving scores and customer engagement.

How it works


Create Account

Download AutoBeacon App from Google Playstore or Apple Appstore and register



Follow on-boarding process to provide all required permissions. For car with bluetooth head unit, pair it with AutoBeacon app


See Driving Scores

Start driving (keep GPS ON), View Safe Driving Scores; location, time and magnitude of various driving violations on the app


Improve Driving Behavior

Receive personalized tips, blogs, videos and follow the instructions/ advice provided. See score trends in the app.


Promote Achievements

Get your rank as a safe driver in the peer groups. Receive Digital Badges and share them in social media.

AutoBeacon App Features

AutoBeacon Telematics SDK is optimized for Low Battery Consumption

Low Battery Consumption

Optimized battery usage, typical daily consumption less than 5%

AutoBeacon Telematics SDK is optimized for Low Storage Footprint

Low Storage Footprint

Small core Library size, easily fits into your App size limit

AutoBeacon Telematics SDK has Automatic Trip Recording

Auto Trip Recording

No user intervention, auto-detects driving activity start/stop

AutoBeacon Telematics SDK works in Background

Works in Background

Works independently, tested for all major smartphone makes

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