AutoBeacon: Smartphone Telematics for Insurance

AutoBeacon Smartphone Telematics based Driving Behavior Monitoring

Usage Based Insurance Technology for Mass Market Deployment

Smartphone sensor based Safe Driving Technology inside your App. Engages Customer and ecourages Safe Driving Behavior.

AutoBeacon for Usage Based Insurance

Built for UBI

Supports Pay-as-you-drive and Pay-how-you-drive

Fast time to market with Mobile Telematics SDK

Fast Time to Market

Integrate and Launch your product in weeks with our Mobile SDK

In App Telematics Data Processing

In-App Algorithm Processing

Local optimized execution, no need for data transfer to server

Smartphone Sensor Fusion

Best of Sensor Fusion

Optimal use of GPS, Accelerometer and Gyroscope

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Key Features

Price Risk Accurately

  • Accurately identify safe and risky drivers via our comprehensive Safe Driving Score.

  • Our Driving Behavior Analytics capture our distilled insights from years of Telematics and Vehicle Data Analytics experience.

  • Our Smart sensor fusion technology logs and scores each drive accurately on multiple risk dimensions.

  • Use Safe Driving Scoring for pricing prior to Policy period (Try-before-you-buy) or during the Policy period (Pay-how-you-drive).

AutoBeacon for Driving Behavior Monitoring and Safe Driving Scoring
AutoBeacon Driving Behavior Monitoring App

Encourage Safe Driving

  • AutoBeacon App delivers personalized insights to improve safe driving behavior while maintaining end user privacy.

  • Detailed Trip View shows all rash driving alerts in context of drive path.

  • Advanced Distracted Driving Detects actual phone pickup or texting movement during driving.

  • Drive Positive Behavioral Change in your customer base and reduce Claim frequency and severity.

Increase Customer Engagement

  • Our Customer Analytics Engine generates dynamic and personalized notifications based on Vehicle Usage and Safe Driving Scores.

  • Engage with car owners using Gamified Leaderboards and Digital Badges based on their Driving Behaviour.

  • Great for Insurers and Insurance intermediaries to increase Digital touch-points, Build relationship and Increase Retention.

AutoBeacon drives customer engagement and loyalty
AutoBeacon Mobile Telematics SDK for quick time to market

Mobile SDK and Embeddable App Enable Quick Integration

Leverage our AutoBeacon Mobile SDK and APIs to incorporate our core data processing library inside your own App and launch your UBI product in weeks. Our Field proven SDKs enable quick integration into your native Android, native iOS or Flutter App.

Alternatively, launch even faster with our Embeddable Telematics App inside your App (on Android and iOS). Embeddable Telematics App is our SDK along with User Interface pre-built for UBI and customer engagement.

Crash Reporting

Automatically Detect crashes, provide emergency assistance and get data-driven Crash re-construction report for Claims Intelligence.

Automatic Crash Detection and emergency assistance
Automatic Crash Detection and emergency assistance
Usage Based Insurance Dashboard

UBI Analytics Dashboards

Cloud based Business Intelligence Tool for Aggregated Data Analytics and APIs for Underwriters to decipher driving trends and segment customers based on risk

Automatically Classify Trips in Insured Vehicle

AutoBeacon has mechanisms to identify trips taken by the User in own vehicle, which are of interest from UBI perspective

  • Bluetooth Connectivity to Infotainment Unit of the Vehicle

  • Proximity to a BLE Beacon placed in the vehicle

  • Artificial Intelligence techniques that learn the pattern of driving behaviour of User

Automatically Classify Trips in Insured Vehicle

BLE Beacon Mode in AutoBeacon

Also Works with BLE Beacon for Validated Data

AutoBeacon also works with low cost, wireless device (Beacon) in the vehicle. Beacon placed in the insured car ensures only valid driving data from that car is scored. Beacon's built-in accelerometer sensor offers higher fidelity of Driving Behaviour Monitoring and Crash Detection.

Automatically Tag Trips

Accurate Driving Behaviour

Versatile and Affordable

AutoBeacon Mobile SDK Features

AutoBeacon Telematics SDK is optimized for Low Battery Consumption

Low Battery Consumption

Optimized battery usage, typical daily consumption less than 5%

AutoBeacon Telematics SDK is optimized for Low Storage Footprint

Low Storage Footprint

Small core Library size, easily fits into your App size limit

AutoBeacon Telematics SDK has Automatic Trip Recording

Auto Trip Recording

No user intervention, auto-detects driving activity start/stop

AutoBeacon Telematics SDK works in Background

Works in Background

Works independently, tested for all major smartphone makes

AutoBeacon Smartphone Telematics is at the core of our path breaking On-demand Motor Insurance Product. AutoBeacon SDK powers advanced Driving Behaviour Scoring in our Switch2.0 App. We see AutoWiz as a long term partner in our journey of bringing innovative, technology enabled Insurance products in the Indian market.

Tarun Mathur

Head, Strategy & Innovation. Edelweiss General Insurance.
Edelweiss Switch2.0

Our Insurance Telematics Solution Options

Pure Smartphone based Telematics to OBD Connected Car Solutions

AutoBeacon Smartphone Telematics


Advanced Smartphone based UBI and crash detection, affordable for mass market deployments

AutoWiz OBD GPS based Connected Car Solution


Full featured OBD GPS based Connected Car Solution, works independent of Driver's smartphone

AutoPulse OBD Bluetooth based Connected Car Solution


Affordable OBD Bluetooth based Connected Car Solution, combines OBD Telematics with Driver's smartphone

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