AutoBeacon App for Driving Behavior Monitoring

AutoBeacon App is an advanced Driving Behavior Monitoring App that measures your driving behavior using Sensor data and rates each of your trip on various safe driving driving parameters. AutoBeacon in Phone Mode collects data from Driver's smartphone while driving to analyze the driving behavior. AutoBeacon in Beacon mode uses a BLE Beacon device placed in the vehicle in combination with Driver's Smartphone to more measure the Driving behavior. Apart from Driving behavior, AutoBeacon App measures the driving distance and driving time for each trip.

Besides end users such as Car owners and Fleet owners, AutoBeacon App is specially useful for Auto Insurance companies to offer Usage Based Insurance including Pay-as-you-drive (PAYD) and Pay-how-you-drive (PHYD) and other Telematics based Services to its customers.

Advanced Driving Behavior Monitoring

Measures Driving Behavior of each Drive by analyzing all key Driving Behavior parameters

No need for external device

In Phone mode, App uses Driver's smartphone sensors to measure driving behavior

Trip History

Logs Trip history including Distance, Time, Speed and Trip Route

Encourages Safe Driving

Scores and shows alerts for Overspeeding, Hard Acceleration, Sudden Braking, Fast Cornering and Distracted Driving.

Advanced Beacon Mode

Uses Low cost BLE Beacon in car combined with Driver's Smartphone to accurately measure the Driving behavior.

Great for Telematics Insurance

Ideal for Auto Insurers to offer Usage Based Insurance products

AutoBeacon App encourages Safe Driving Behavior

Driving Score Dashboard

Your overall Safe Driving Score and log of your recent trips. See weekly trends to progressively become safer driver

Trip Log

Daily distance covered and safe driving score for each trip. Drill down to see how you performed in each trip

Review Driving Alerts

Understand exactly where you did rash driving and its intensity. Distracted Driving detects actual phone pickup or texting movement during driving.

Easy and Seamless to Use