Veelo Mobility : AutoWiz Fleet Management powers e-bike rental operations

  • By AutoWiz Marketing
  • Oct 8, 2021
  • 4 min read

Anirudh Singhal founded Veelo Mobility to solve the challenge for last mile delivery in smaller towns and cities in India using innovative e-bike based mobility solution. As the e-commerce and food delivery businesses make rapid strides into tier 2/3 cities and towns in India, a low cost yet efficient last mile delivery mode remains a challenge.

Enter Veelo, which is based in Bhilai (Chattisgarh) and has operations in multiple towns and cities in the central Indian states of Chattisgarh and Jharkhand.

Anirudh observed that in the smaller towns, plenty of hyper-local and courier deliveries happened via riders delivering on bicycle, which constrained the radius and number of deliveries the rider could make in a day. For a large segment of gig economy riders in these small towns, owning & maintaining an I.C.E bike is economically unaffordable.

Anirudh saw an opportunity here and along with his passion for e-bikes launched Veelo Mobility. Veelo offers battery powered FLYP80 ebikes on Kms Subscription basis that are tailored for the needs of hyperlocal, last mile and courier deliveries.


Business Model Innovation

Using deep insight on the needs of the riders, Veelo has rapidly iterated on its business model and offers convenient and affordable renting models for its E-bikes. These include highly economical Pay-as-you-use model for bike renting (kms basis), conveniently located swap stations and road side assistance for helping riders in case of any unexpected breakdowns.

As Anirudh comments, “While there are many startups offering e-bike rental solutions in cities, we are focusing on making the model sustainable and scalable for the needs of riders while solving the most basic problems with mass adoption of E-Bikes in smaller towns and cities.”

Leveraging Technology

Early on, Anirudh realised the need to use technology in order to keep his operations efficient and get maximal returns on the assets deployed. For its Telematics needs, Veelo has partnered with AutoWiz and uses AutoWiz EV Fleet Management solution to get a 360 degree view of its bikes in the field. These include:

  • Real time location tracking for all bikes in the field powered by GPS Devices in the bikes and AutoWiz Fleet Management Platform on the web. With staff spread across locations, AutoWiz Mobile App enables them fleet management on-the-go.
  • Remotely monitor battery state of charge to make sure all bikes are in usable condition and identify right time to call in a bike for battery swapping.
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly trip summary and bike utilization reports to identify new expansion and asset optimisation opportunities.
  • Clustering Analysis on historical trips of riders in cities to identify optimal locations for Veelo Battery Swap Points.
  • Location geo-fencing, Anti-theft alerts and remote motor switch off functions for ensuring safety of bikes and preventing unauthorized usage.


“We see AutoWiz as a key partner in our growth journey. We are a firm believer in using data to drive our decision making. We chose AutoWiz as our Telematics Partner due to the ease of use, rich feature set of their solution and their strong track record. With AutoWiz Fleet Management solution, we get operational savings in our business and opportunities for utilization improvements”, says Anirudh.

Powered with AutoWiz Fleet Management technology, Veelo is taking firm steps towards its goal of providing a eco-friendly, scalable and economical mobility option to its riders.

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