EV Transition Planning and Fleet Management

Plan, Execute and Profit from Moving to Electric


EV Transition Planning and Recommendation

AutoWiz EV Transition Analytics

Engage with us for a data driven analysis to identify opportunities of replacing your ICE (Petrol/Diesel) Fleet of vehicles with Electric Fleet of vehicles.

Our EV Transition Intelligence Model analyzes Telematics data and operating conditions of your current Fleet. Model generates customized recommendation about which vehicle(s) to replace with suitable EV model, while reducing the TCO and preserving fleet revenues.


Fleet Telematics Data Analysis

We deploy AutoWiz OBD-GPS Devices across your current fleet of vehicles to analyze granular data regarding utilization, parking, location, driving behavior and operating conditions of each vehicle in your fleet.

Alternatively, use AutoWiz Smartphone based Tracking App on your driver’s smartphone to capture data without requiring dedicated device in the vehicle.

As an example, each vehicle's journey and dwell pattern is matched with an appropriate EV model and charging infra.

EV Transition Recommendation Report

Customized report with recommendations for EV Transition for each vehicle and impact on TCO across the fleet.

Our analysis combines the detailed Fleet telematics data with data on specs and economics of EV models, charging infrastructure and regulations in your area of operation to come up with actionable suggestions.


EV Fleet Management


Full Visibility into your EV Fleet Operations

Our feature rich Fleet Management solution includes Live Tracking, Location Intelligence, Advanced Driving Behavior and Fleet Health Monitoring.

These features systematically reduce cost of your fleet operations, improve efficiency and increase fleet safety.

We integrate with suitable Telematics Device suited for your EV Fleet type. Get detailed EV Utilization reports including charging cost per kilometer, energy cost savings and carbon footprint reduction and vehicle specific insights for obtaining better efficiency.

Advanced SoC Monitoring

Monitor State of Charge and get notified based on SoC/Miles remaining or charging status. Get EV Charging status for parked vehicles and identify any non-optimal EV charging incidents.

Monitor Driving Behavior and encourage Driving practices that maximize EV Battery efficiency such as re-generative braking. These features ensure maximum utilization of your EV fleet with lower cost per mile.


EV Route Planning


EVs for Last Mile Delivery

Leverage our Route Planning solution in combination with our EV Fleet Management solution to optimize your daily delivery operations.

Our Route Planning Software generates schedules and routes which are optimized for relevant resources such as vehicles, field crew and delivery costs.

We handle EV specific constraints while generating daily routes in order to optimally use EV vehicles. Constraints include EV driving range and location of charging/swapping locations. This ensures that EV re-charging time and location is optimally weaved in to your delivery schedule and route.