Autowiz Dealership Program

Partner with AutoWiz to get your Connected Car business started.

Backed by our high quality AutoWiz OBD GPS Devices, user friendly AutoWiz mobile and web Apps and excellent technical support. AutoWiz Dealership provides you with an opportunity to establish or grow in the Connected Car market in your region or target market with minimal investment.

  • More features than your conventional GPS tracking solution
  • Plug and Play, Easy to install and use. Lower support burden for dealer
  • Low Investment to get started, attractive margin
  • Target both personal car owners and fleets

AutoWiz Telematics, OBD-GPS based Connected Car Solution Overview

AutoWiz App on mobile combines with AutoWiz OBD GPS device in vehicle to provide an all-in-one vehicle telematics solution.

AutoWiz connects to car's OBDII port and keeps vehicle always connected to the cloud. It is a Plug and Play device, no wiring needed. Autowiz App on mobile plugs into vehicle's data feed in the cloud and brings real time location tracking, fuel consumption, driving behavior, vehicle theft/ tow alarms, vehicle health diagnostics (with DTC codes) and many more features at finger-tips.AutoWiz Mobile App available for Android (on Google PlayStore) or iOS (on Apple AppStore).

AutoWiz’s web based fleet management platform which enables companies to create and download various reports like usage of the fleet, consumption of fuels, driving violations details etc.

Copyright © 2016-2019 SenSight Technologies Pvt. Ltd.. All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2016-2019 SenSight Technologies Pvt. Ltd.. All Rights Reserved