Stay ahead of the game with AutoWiz

AutoWiz insurance telematics platform allows you to be the center of the emerging ecosystem

Attract new customer segments

Self selection of attractive customer segments

Offer Usage based Insurance and other innovative products

Pay as you go, Pay how you drive and Manage how you drive models

Identify fraud and reduce claim losses with real time data

Data to weed out fraud and establish fault while settling claims; Theft prevention and Stolen vehicle recovery

Engage with and retain customers in new ways

Offer ecosystem services such as repairs, offers and fuel

Number of kilometers of data pool


AutoWiz Telematics platform

AutoWiz is a fully managed telematics platform that is end-user friendly and has built-in features that deliver better insights to your business.

Fully managed

Runtime support, Cloud Infrastructure, Upgrades, Usage analytics reports

Faster time to market

Build on our platform to bring your connected car product to market faster

Data pooling

AutoWiz pools data from all of its users to deliver insights. Have access to these insights from Day 1.


Supports third party devices,customized analytics and API's and white labeled apps

Better insights

Real time querying and historical data analytics for the insights that you need


Start small. Scale fast with our Platform as a service model that allows you to pay as you go

End user friendly

Consumer centric end use Apps for Android, iOS and web with private label options.

Easy integrations

Integrate your existing client side and server side infrastructure easily

Works for your business

For Insurers

AutoWiz insurance telematics platform allows you to be the center of the emerging ecosystem

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For telcos

Engage, capture value and retain customers with a differentiated offering

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For automakers

Stay connected with your automotive customer base and monetize across the ownership cycle

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