Stay ahead of the game with AutoWiz

AutoWiz telematics platform allows you to be the center of the emerging ecosystem

Engage with and retain customers in new ways

Better aftermarket engagement and support to your customers

Build products better with the wealth of driving data to base your decisions on

Data and Insights regarding Car usage and performance

Faster time to market

Build on our platform to bring your connected car product to market faster

Attract new customer segments through connected vehicles

Fleets and shared mobility providers

AutoWiz Telematics platform

Number of data points analyzed


Number of kilometers of data pool


AutoWiz is a fully managed telematics platform that is end-user friendly and has built-in features that deliver better insights to your business.

Fully managed

Runtime support, Cloud Infrastructure, Upgrades, Usage analytics reports

Faster time to market

Build on our platform to bring your connected car product to market faster

Data pooling

AutoWiz pools data from all of its users to deliver insights. Have access to these insights from Day 1.


Supports third party devices,customized analytics and API's and white labeled apps

Better insights

Real time querying and historical data analytics for the insights that you need


Scale fast with our Platform as a service model that allows you to pay as you go

End user friendly

Consumer centric end use Apps for Android, iOS and web with private label options.

Easy integrations

Integrate your existing client side and server side infrastructure easily

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Platform features

AutoWiz gps car tracker mobile Application home screen

Location tracking and notifications

Get Real-time Location and speed of car and set notifications on reaching a particular location

Know where your car is in real time on a map, including whether its parked or moving. See detailed trip history and accurate driving path and speed of your car on your mobile, including direction in which its moving. Set places of interest to you (such as your Home, Work) and get alerts on your mobile when your car is near your place.

AutoWiz OBD device uses GPS and GPRS to get the real time geo-location of vehicle every few seconds and sends it to our server in the cloud in real time. In case of loss of GPRS connection, location data is temporarily stored in the device and sent to our server as soon as GPRS connection is re-established. So, you don't miss any information.

Find directions to your vehicle from your current location

Improve driving behavior

Review Driving Behaviour on the AutoWiz App with trip statistics and weekly charts to become a better driver.

Know exactly how the car and the driver performed on each trip. Review detailed trip statistics for each trip including Distance, Average speed and Mileage. Get accurate account of driving habits such as over-speeding, engine idling, sudden acceleration, hard acceleration and over-revving.

AutoWiz helps you find out if you are doing excessive idling which is a major contributor to high fuel consumption. Also, discover tendency to overspeed, accelerate and brake suddenly, which has impact on safety and mileage.

See weekly consolidate charts and insights of your driving behavior to help you drive safer and save fuel.

Customize your driving and car health related alert settings based on your preferences.

AutoWiz gps car tracker Application with driving behavior alerts screen

Anti theft alarm setting in AutoWiz gps car tracker Application

Car Anti-theft Alarm on Phone

Protect your car by setting an Anti-Theft Alarm on the App and get notified if your car is driven within that time frame

Set up alarm for set timings that sends you notification on your mobile in case the vehicle is driven during that time. Also, get alert on your mobile if AutoWiz device is plugged out from the car.

Car's internal health report

Check your car's Internal Health with a report on AutoWiz App so you never have to suffer an unexpected breakdown again

Remotely keep track of your car's vital parameters and maintenance needs before breakdown occurs.

Battery status warning indicates if the Voltage level is starting to go down. High Coolant temperature indicates if the Coolant is overheating. Engine Diagnostics warning indicates if there is any Engine related component malfunction.